[ADD-ON] RANG3R Bag Custom Handle Wraps

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Elevate your RANG3R Bag to a whole new level of personalization with our custom handle wraps. These wraps not only make your RANG3R Bag stand out in a crowd but also provide an extra layer of comfort. Say goodbye to uncomfortable handles and hello to a soft, ergonomic grip. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is ONLY RANG3R Bag handle wrap add-on. Does not include the bag. This cannot be purchased individually. It is an optional add-on onto any Rang3r Bag

Step 1: Place your order RANG3R Bag

Step 2: Place your order for [ADD-ON] RANG3R Bag Custom Handle Wraps

*The rope colour featured in the pictures are Red

Kindly allow 2-3 days for this customisation to be ready.